Gluematic 3002, STEINEL Glue Gun

  • $41.40 SGD

High melting capacity (16 g/min), small and practical size, incredibly easy to operate and ready for use in just seven minutes: the electronically controlled Gluematic 3002 is the one for (almost) everything.

A reliable helper for hobby and DIY, it is the perfect tool for joining, repairing, sealing and for all sorts of other jobs around the home. Also practical - the interchangeable accessory nozzles.

                                     Technical specifications
Warm-up time  7 min
Melt temperature 206 °C
Delivery rate 16 g/min
Dimensions (L × W ×H) 185 x 30 x 160 mm
Voltage 100-240V
Output during idle phase 16W
Output during heat-up phase 200W
Output in working phase 45W
Weight 320 g