STEINEL L810 LED iHF, Sensor Switched Outdoor Light

  • $356.40 SGD

The most modern outdoor light in the world.

Designer sensor-switched outdoor light L 810 LED iHF with invisible high-frequency sensor, ideal for building entrances and fronts of buildings, 12,5 W STEINEL LED lighting system, 612 lm, 160° coverage angle, reach from 1 - 5 m, for stylish up and downlighting, includes soft light start.


Technical specifications
Dimensions(L x W x H): 145 x 230 x 91mm
Voltage 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Sensor type iHF (intelligent high-frequency technology)
Output 12.5W
Luminous flux 858 lm
Colour temperature 3000 K
Mechanical scalability No
Reach radial r = 5 m (35m²)
Reach tangential r = 5 m (35m²)
Photo-cell controller Yes
Twilight setting 2 - 1000 lx
Time setting 5s - 15Min
Basic light level function Yes