Guide to motion sensors and detectors for lighting

Motion sensors and detectors are a great way to automate your lighting system. They can be used for security purposes, outdoor illumination, or just to have your lights turn on automatically when you get home from work. In this article we will cover the basics of motion sensing and how it works with lighting fixtures. With this guide, you'll be able to find the right sensor or detector for your needs!

Topics that we will be covering:

  • How does motion sensor work and what are they used for
  • What are the different type of sensors and how do they work
  • Best practices for installing motion sensors

What are motion detectors or sensors used for? 

Motion detection is a vital part of home security. When sensors detect motion, they send an alert to your control panel which then notifies the monitoring center and possibly records any events taking place at that time with camera surveillance equipment you may have in place as well!

Motion sensors are commonly used to:

  • When an intruder approaches your property or business, you may be able to spot him by monitoring your audio and video surveillance feeds.
  • People may enter restricted locations, so you'll be alerted if they do. This might be the basement or the garage at home.
  • Save energy by powering lights in an area only when needed.

What are the different type of sensors and how do they work?

The two most widely used Motion Detectors are Microwave Sensors (MW) and Passive Infrared (PIR).

MIcrowave Sensor

Microwave sensors are an excellent choice for tracking moving objects, as they send out microwaves and measure reflections off of them. Microwave technology can cover a large area with little power while infrared trackers need more juice to work properly which makes it vulnerable in crowded areas or places subject on electric interference like laptop chargers nearby appliances where metal gets into its signal. 


Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)

A passive infrared sensor is the most widely used motion detector in home security systems. Infrared waves can detect temperature and motion sensors use this ability to sense if someone or something has passed by in their path which will then trigger an alarm for you when it happens; there's even two different types within each camera – one detects ambient IR radiating from background objects like walls while another does not unless triggered by movement alone!

Some of the top presence sensor carried by STEINEL Singapore.


STEINEL IS 2360 ECO, PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Sensor


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this crystal-clear IR motion detector doesn't just detect motion - it detects motion better. Built for porches and small rooms, the IS 2360 ECO white is unobtrusive in size but reliable in sensitivity. With its 4x reach area of 7 meters, 360° detection zone and precision infrared sensor dish that achieves directional accuracy within 1 cm or less. 




STEINEL is the perfect sensing technology to accompany your ETSI product and maximize installation experience. The IS 236 0 DE ECO has a reach of up to 4 meters and an impressive 360° angle of coverage. The detection zone can be adjusted where necessary by using shrouds, making it fit for any application with projecting roofs or suspended ceilings from commercial retail installations to warehouses.


True Presence Multisensor KNX


The new knx true presence Multisensor KNX is the ultimate sensory organ for buildings. For the most precise measure of people, brightness, ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure and volatile organic compounds (VOC), it's necessary to incorporate light measurement. Information that brings the digitalization of building automation a great deal further. This combination sets this Multisensor apart from any other; it offers precision in design and function with intuitive control over all four parameters reflected in its sleek appearance atop your choice of ceiling or wall-mounted installation styles.

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STEINEL products are fully designed and manufactured in-house by our factories in Europe. This ensures that we only provide products of the highest quality. Our PIR motion sensors comes with a 3-5 year warranty and we provide a 1 to 1 exchange through out warranty period.


Best practices for installing motion sensors

Homeowners nowadays can enjoy a hassle-free installation process with wireless sensors. These devices communicate wirelessly to other security system components, eliminating the need for drills or any type of wired connection between them all!

If you know how use your screwdriver and have an understanding of what parts go where then installation will not be too complicated for even beginners! When installing correctly within the limits set by frequency coverage (they vary depending on model) these devices give optimal feedback while avoiding false alarms all at once - giving homeowners peace-of-mind knowing their home's safety can depend solely upon them

It is important to read the installation instructions before installing motion sensors. You will want them in a place with good lighting and some privacy so that it's not disruptive when someone walks by, but also easy enough for you can access at any time if there are problems or questions along the way. 

Configuring STEINEL Motion Sensors

Apart from the easy installation, STEINEL Motion Sensor can also be configured easily using its native app via bluetooth meshing. No need to worry about complicated set up and all - just plug and play. 


Security systems with motion sensors aren't just about having more bells and whistles; they're a must-have. They are not only an additional feature of a security system, but they're also absolutely necessary. There would be no way to detect intruders without sensors.

Hopefully, our article clarified the function of motion sensors in your house's security, the various technologies used in motion detection, and how to install them properly so that they can do their job.

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