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Collection: STEINEL Hot Air Tools

Where to Buy Heat Guns in Singapore?

In this modern era where everything is trying to be simplified to its best, heat guns have become more desirable—convenient use made them even more functional. Heat guns offer a wide range of functions. Heat guns are used to shrink film, strip paint, bend plastic and welding, soften adhesives, dry out damp wood, and so on. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about heat guns from STEINEL, a famous company in Singapore. 

Heat guns are essential across the world. However, if misused or bought a defective tool, heat guns can get lethal. Furthermore, it produces heat at very high temperatures, which facilitates its lethal power. Therefore, you must buy heat guns from the best company or store- whatever online or brick and mortar. And in this case, STEINEL is the ideal company you should look for while buying heat guns in Singapore. 

Best Portable & Cordless Heat Gun in Singapore

Steinel Singapore offers a variety of products, including but not limited to lights, sensors, hot air, different OEM solutions, and so on. The company has two product lines for its products- professional-grade and personal-use-grade. We will share some top heat guns in Singapore by STEINEL, which you can easily buy by clicking on their name.

Tools like heat guns are better when portable & cordless. Here are some of the best mobile & cordless heat guns in Singapore that you can easily trust. 

Mobile Heat Gun MH3

If you are looking for a fast, precise heat gun that too is cordless, the STEINEL Portable Heat Gun MH3 may be on the top of your choice. It is compatible with all push-on standard nozzles offered by STEINEL. Some extraordinary features the heat gun offers are- 

  • 2 temperature settings- 300-degree and 500-degree Celsius
  • Airflow rate reaches up to 200 l/minute. 
  • To ensure safe working, it has LED illumination and a security lock button. 


If you are looking for digital control in your heat gun, STEINEL HG 2320E should be a perfect choice. Some specifications of the model include- 

  • Temperature setting by joystick, ranging from 80-degree to 650-degree Celsius
  • 2 Stages of airflow regulation- 150 l/min and 500 l/min
  • The temperature level is displayed on an LCD screen. 


This tool should be at the top of your choice list in terms of compact, hands-free hot air guns. Lightweight, easy-to-grip, practical- these are some of the characteristics that make it the best choice. Some other features include-

  • Sensational standing stability
  • 4 attachment nozzles
  • Integrated LED work light


If you are looking for a handy heat gun, the STEINEL HL 1620 S is a perfect choice. Some of the outstanding features of this handy heat gun are- 

  • Two adjustable stages of temperature- 300-degree or 500-degree Celsius
  • Optimized weight balance for working fatigue-free
  • Integrated thermal cut-out

STEINEL HL 2020E Hot Air Gun

The sturdy tool is a perfect choice for DIYers. The tool offers a wide range of extraordinary services. Some of them are- 

  • Residual heat indicator to warn the user about the hotness of the outlet nozzle
  • The powerful blower makes the tool ideal for a wide range of applications. 
  • The temperature can be adjusted from 80-degree to 630-degree Celsius by the joystick. 


The tool is a must-to-have by DIY enthusiasts due to its long life and optimum weight balance. Some of the features it offers are- 

  • Variable temperature adjustment from 80-degree to 600-degree Celsius
  • Automatic cut-out to protect the tool from overheating
  • Airflow control in three settings

Need help choosing the right heat gun?

With so many different types of tools available in Singapore today, it may be hard to choose which one will work best for your needs. That's why we're here! Contact us and let our team help find the perfect tool for all of your DIY tasks 

About Steinel Heat guns

As pioneers of hot air technology, STEINEL has been working for decades on intelligent tool solutions used in their millions by satisfied customers. With the new generation of our hot air tools, we have not only improved their technology and design, but the specific requirements of our customers have also played an active part in influencing development as well.