Motion Sensor and Presence Sensor

Sensors - The combination of Steinel sensor technology with innovative Steinel LED technology can save up to 90% electricity.

Less energy consumption through more light efficiency: Light only when you need it - automatically! 

The different Steinel sensor technologies

Passive Infrared sensor- PIR. Responds to moving source of heat.

The built-in pyro sensors respond to a change in infrared heat radiated with a defined detection zone. STEINEL PIR Detectors are the all-rounder when it comes to monitoring large area, with a detection coverage of up to 20m and mounting height of up to 14m. Highest detection quality on the market.

High Frequency sensor - HF. Detection through thin walls.

As an active system, the HF module emits electromagnetic waves and receives the echo reflected by walls and objects at a frequency of 5.8GHz. Any movement in the detection zone causes the echo to change and triggers a switching signal within fraction of a second. The HF sensor operates irrespectively of ambient temperature and walking directions. HF waves penetrate glass, wood, plaster walls and can detect movements behind them. The HF sensor can also be installed above the suspended ceiling and still provide optimum coverage.

Ultrasonic sensor. Fills the entire room and detects movement around objects.

Actively emitted from the sensor, ultrasonic waves (40KHz) spread throughout the respective room. They envelop objects that are present in the room and permeate into every last corner. The ultrasonic sensor can detect movements even if there is no visual contact between the sensor and person. STEINEL ultrasonic sensors are the perfect solution for open-plan offices and rooms with stud walls. Ultrasonic waves do not penetrate thin walls and are highly sensitive.

Dualtech sensor. A combination of PIR and Ultrasonic technology.

The best qualities of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasound, making it one of the most innovative and sensitive 360° presence detectors in the world. Digital technology ensures optimum signal evaluation without the risk of switching errors. In offices, conference rooms and classrooms, objects like tables often restrict the infrared sensor's detection capabilities. This is where the additional ultrasonic sensor comes in play. Benefit: with ultrasonic detectors, movements in a room are reliably detected. STEINEL DualTech's highly sensitive twin-sensor technology detects any movement within a room – also behind individual objects.