STEINEL sensIQ S, PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detector

  • $166.00 SGD

For indoors and outdoors, ideal for building entrances, loading bays, for mounting heights of up to 5 m, quadruple sensor system for optimum surveillance over 3x100° coverage angle, 20 m reach (tangential), reach setting to the accuracy of a metre in 3 independent directions.

Remote control and corner wall mount bracket included.


Technical specifications sensIQ S 
Dimensions(w x h x d): 114 x 74 x 128 mm
Model Movement sensor
Voltage 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz (2.5 mm² max.)
Sensor type Passive infrared
Application indoors and outdoors
Installation Wall, Corner
Recommended installation height 2-5 m
max. output (resistive load, all-purpose lamp) 1200 W max. at 120 V 2000 W max. at 230 V
max. output (uncorrected, inductive, cos φ = 0.5, e.g. fluorescent lamps) 1000 VA max., 230 V 500 VA max., 120 V
Detection angle 300° with 180° angle of aperture
Capability of masking out individual segments Yes
Reach (2 - 20 m max. tangential, temperature-stabilised) adjustable in 3 directions via control dial
Sensor system 4 sensors, 6 levels for long-distance detection and 5 for sneak-by guard, 1360 switching zones
Response value luminosity 2-2000 lx
Teach-function for response value luminosity Yes
Time setting 5 sec. - 15 min.<br/> Pulse mode (approx. 2 sec.)
Manual override selectable, 4h
Permanently 'OFF' selectable
Degree of protection (IP) IP54