High Frequency Sensor (HF), HF 360

High Frequency Sensor (HF), HF 360

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You can hardly see it. But it sees everything.

Doesn't miss a thing. HF-presence detector HF 360 COM1 and HF COM 2 for indoors, ideal for WCs with toilet cubicles, changing rooms, stairwells, multi-storey car parks, kitchens, installation height up to 3.5 m, surface-mounting version for switching light 'ON' and 'OFF' (HF 360 COM1) for switching light as well as HVAC 'ON' and 'OFF' (HF 360 COM 2), 1 – 12 m reach, reach is electronically adjustable and can be limited in two directions, detection regardless of temperature, HF-sensor technology also detects movement through glass, wood and stud walls.

STEINEL's not only the pioneer of high-frequency sensor technology but also the first to use it successfully for presence detectors. With a whole host of benefits, specifically for applications in public areas, such as WC cubicles. Because HF works without any lens, the HF 360 is extremely slim and bears little resemblance with a "watchdog". This makes it hardly vulnerable to vandalism for example.

With 5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

Technical Specifications:

Type: High frequency 
Response Lux:
10 - 1000 lx 
Time Setting:
30sec - 30min 
2000W Max