About Us


We are Steinel's sole distributor in Singapore! 

Founded more than half a century ago, STEINEL is truly the pioneer of automation technology and an established leader of sensor-controlled lighting technology. The made-in-Europe products bear the seal of quality beyond a doubt. 

Phone and WhatsApp:  +65 6276 9188
Office Address: 66 Horne Rd, #03-00, Singapore 209073.


We exist to enrich your life.
Our fully integrated smart automation systems (smart office/ smart hotel/ smart home) increase quality of life and bring peace of mind. We believe that a high quality of life leads to a commitment to excellence – which lays the foundation for success in business and in life. Having peace of mind means having a high level of comfort and freedom, which in turn makes people feel secure.

You set the rules, we’ll do the rest.
Our smart products react to your work routine and address to your needs. You may access to your office’s security system as and when needed, wherever you are. Our fully integrated business automation system streamlines your daily tasks and adjusts itself to fit your preferences. All you have to do is send the command – our customised automation system would turn your vision into reality with utmost efficiency and reliability.