Why choose Steinel?

Technology is our passion STEINEL – the specialist in sensor systems,  sensor-switched lighting and heat tools.

The ideas behind our innovations are based on a simple principle: We think outside the box and scrutinise things that are taken for granted -  always in dialogue with customers, consumers and our 1400 members of staff from over 20 countries. We are open to fresh perspectives, think without restrictions and develop things that not only point the way but are also in the interest of man and the environment.

Since 1959 we have registered more than 300 patents, designs and models for our inventions. These have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionised entire segments. 

Not different, but better

STEINEL has been defining its success through the quality of its innovations for over 50 years. Imagination, technical expertise and many years of experience are all factors that go to make products "typically STEINEL". STEINEL managed to make the breakthrough in product development back in 1976. An electronic voltage tester for AC and DC voltage was the first STEINEL-made product on the market. STEINEL launched the heat-tool product line with the first hot-melt glue applicator in 1980, adding hot-air tools to it in 1983. STEINEL invented the world's first sensor-switched light in 1987. Since 2002, STEINEL has been using high-frequency sensor technology for detecting movements in spaces and buildings, integrating it invisibly into lights. Today, STEINEL leads the world in using sensor-controlled LED technology and has the right light for any situation. Examples of innovative products are the indoor lights from the RS LED range with invisible high-frequency sensor as well a the new XLED home 2 floodlight with fully swivelling LED panel for any chosen lighting situation. We are particularly proud of our XSolar lights: the most efficient solar lights in the world provide bright light 365 days of the year, and all without electricity.

As innovation and technology leader, STEINEL is always a step ahead.