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Gluefix - STEINEL Glue Gun

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Gluefix is the perfect hot-melt glue applicator for everyone who likes to be creative, do craft work and decorate. The entry-level model in a modern design impresses with its slim-line and ergonomic shape, is incredibly light to hold and intuitive in use. With these unmatched qualities, Gluefix makes the perfect choice for precision gluing jobs.

 Technical specifications
Warm-up time 7-8 min
Melt temperature 200 °C
Delivery rate 13 g/min
Dimensions (L × W ×H) 175 x 30 x 125 mm
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Output during heat-up phase 175 W
Weight 300 g
Gluefix - STEINEL Glue GunGluefix - STEINEL Glue Gun