Gluematic 5000

Gluematic 5000

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Mounting wall plugs, gluing picture frames or assembling flower arrangements: Not a problem for the high-performance Gluematic 5000 – where and whenever you choose. Because after heating up for three to five minutes, the tool is ideal for 20 minutes of cordless gluing work thanks to its modern heat storage system.

For prolonged gluing work over large areas, this all-rounder with a very high glue delivery rate (22 g/min) can, of course, also be connected directly to the power supply.

With 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

Technical Specifications:

Warm-up time: 3-5 min
Melt temperature: 210-220 °C
Delivery rate: 22gr/min
Dimensions (L × W ×H): 185 x 32 x 180mm
Voltage: 220-240V
Output during idle phase: 20 W
Output during heat-up phase: 500 W
Output in working phase: 120 W
Weight: 330 g