STEINEL LS 150 LED, Sensor Switched LED Floodlight

  • $185.90 SGD

Extremely bright, robust and vigilant: the LS 150 LED sensor-switched floodlight.

On-demand light for illuminating large areas around buildings. Infrared sensor with 240° angle of coverage and 12 m reach. Light output 1760 lm, colour temperature 4000 K, power consumption 20,5 W.

Robust aluminium floodlight head.

Available in black or white.

5 Years Warranty


Technical specifications
Dimensions(w x h x d): 215 x 155 x 170mm
Voltage 230-240V, 50/60Hz
Sensor type passive infrared
Output 20.5W
Luminous flux 1760 lm
Colour temperature 4000 K
Detection angle 240°
Angle of aperture 180°
Sneak-by guard Yes
Capability of masking out individual segments Yes
Reach, tangential r = 12m (302m²)
Photo-cell controller Yes
Time setting 10s - 15min